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March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Paying attention to your colon and listening to the advice of your physicians is the first step in awareness.  We are proud to offer colon hydrotherapy that helps support colon health.  

We hope everyone takes this month to become more aware of the importance of a healthy colon and what can be done to prevent colorectal cancer. Please follow the link below to get more information on the facts of colorectal cancer.

Prices on Our Colon Hydrotherapy

One Colon Hydrotherapy Session $85.00

One Acupuncture / Colon Hydrotherapy Combo  $140.00

3 Colon Hydrotherapy package $225.00

3 Acupuncture / Colon Hydrotherapy combo package $350.00



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woman loving her stomach with colon hydrotherapy

Ongoing Promotions


Cosmetic Acupuncture Package

Our exclusive cosmetic acupuncture sale package is meticulously designed to ensure you achieve the best possible results. With a focus on enhancing your natural beauty, this comprehensive package includes a course of 10 luxurious cosmetic acupuncture treatments. We highly recommend scheduling 10 consecutive weekly appointments to experience the full benefits and maximize the effectiveness of this transformative journey. Immerse yourself in the ultimate pampering experience as our skilled practitioners work their magic, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and radiant. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to indulge in self-care and embrace your inner glow.


Colon Hydrotherapy - Three Series Pack

Our Colon Hydrotherapy Pack is meticulously crafted with your detoxification goals in mind. Each session is carefully designed to provide you with the most beneficial experience, helping you achieve optimal results for enhancing your gut health, detoxifying your system, and resetting your digestive system.

With our thoughtfully designed package consisting of three sessions, you can conveniently schedule your sessions over three consecutive weeks. This allows for a gradual and comprehensive approach to your detoxification journey, ensuring long-lasting results and improved well-being.


Reiki Therapy
Five Series Pack

We are absolutely thrilled to announce our exciting new partnership with Five Element Energy Therapies! This exclusive opportunity is tailor-made for our valued clients, allowing them to embark on a truly transformative journey towards a more positive and balanced well-being. With our 5-series pack of Reiki sessions, you can now immerse yourself in the incredible power of Reiki and experience its profound therapeutic benefits.

Why Choose Balance?


Personalized Care

At The Balance Health and Wellness Center, we prioritize meaningful interactions with our clients. Our compassionate team takes the time to understand your unique health concerns and goals, tailoring treatments to address specific imbalances and promote lasting well-being.


Holistic Approach

We believe that true wellness comes from addressing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. Our services, including Acupuncture, Therapeutic Massage, Colon Hydrotherapy, Herbalism and more. Are designed to harmonize and nurture all aspects of your well-being.



Empowering Transformations

Our mission is to empower you on your journey to optimal health. Through education and support, we equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to lead a balanced and healthy life beyond the walls of our center.




How Do Massages Help?

In our ever-busy lives, we often overlook the importance of taking moments to care for our complete well-being – body, mind, and spirit. Yet, overall wellness doesn’t just improve our quality of life; it is our life. Among the plethora of wellness practices, massages have stood the test of time as a holistic approach to maintaining health and harmony.

woman loving her stomach with colon hydrotherapy

Can Colon Hydrotherapy Benefit You?

Uncover the potential benefits of colon hydrotherapy for digestion, detoxification, energy, weight loss, and immune support.